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Hospital Introduction
In the 1960's, the late Cardinal Tien ken-Sin, recognizing the lack of quality medical resources in the Xindian area, built this hospital from the ground up in order to provide the public with improved medical care. As available resources in Taiwan were very limited, Cardinal Tien worked tirelessly to raise funds from charitableorganizations in West Germany. Unfortunately he passed away before the completion of the hospital. On October 22, 1968, the day of dedication, the hospital was named after him in recognition and gratitude for his leadership and selfless giving.

Following the establishment of the main hospital in Xindian, our branch hospital in Yung Ho was instituted in 1983. Acknowledging the need and responsibility to serve the people in all aspects of their lives, since the year 2000 our hospital system has included Ai-Wei Home for disabled Adults, Yi-Yuan Retirement Home, St. Joseph Home for Alzheimer Patients, Good-Hope Home for the Aged and Disabled, Yi-Yuan Clinic, Fu-Jen University Clinic, and Wu-Lai Fu-San Medical Station for mountain dwellers.

In 2004 the new medical building in Xindian was inaugurated, allowing us to further extend quality medical care to the public. We started our medical service in An Kang area of Xindian Branch in the beginning of 2014. Providing residents with a better services, serving a wider area to benefit more people and bear more social responsibilities.

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