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Q1¡GFor foreigners, how can I arrange an outpatient visit to Cardinal Tien Hospital¡H

A1¡GFor foreigners who have Taiwan National Health Insurance (NHI), the appointment can be made through general outpatient registration. For those who do not have NHI, they can still make the appointment through general outpatient registration, or through Cardinal Tien Hospital¡¦s International Medical Service Center.


Q2¡GWhat kind of service does our International Medical offer for foreign patients?

A2¡GWe will offer the consultation of medical service/charges, the introduction of our doctors /clinics/hospitalization/physical examination, or help foreign patients to deal with the medical documents/book the hotel or flight tickets/arrange the traffic method/seek for the translator and traveling or shopping information.


Q3¡GHow can I make an appointment at International medical service¡H

A3¡GPlease contact International Medical Service Center via phone at 886-2-2219-9111 Phoebe/0975-519-965 Alice or email at


Q4¡GFor overseas patients, how can I ask for international medical services¡H

A4¡GOverseas patients can send local medical records, summary, examination reports and images by email or airmail to our International Medical Service Center. Once the patient¡¦s medical information is received, our staff will be able to contact the appropriate specialists to pre-evaluate the patient¡¦s condition. When the patient¡¦s case is approved for treatment or medical procedures in our hospital, we will reply to the patient or family and give the information about the medical fees, duration of the hospitalization and length of stay in Taiwan. If above information is accepted by the patient, we will contact the patient for further treatment processes.


Q5¡GHow can patients from mainland China get a medical visa?

A5¡GPatients from mainland China should accept the assessment from our doctor, if their conditions meet all of the standards, the International Medical Center will help them to fill out the application form, power of attorney, and to provide relevant documents (such as a copy of the identity card, photos and kinship). Files mentioned above should be sent to the our international medical center, we will be issued the official documents and send the files which patients offer to the Taiwan Immigration Agency. After the visa issued and the remittance of deposit done, International Medical Center will send the visa to the patients.


Q6¡GHow can I pay for international medical services¡H

A6¡GYou can pay in cash or credit cards.¡]Unionpay, Master, Visa and JCB)