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(A) Consultation Online¡J
We have special commissioners in the International Medical for foreigners who need the consultation of the medical clinics, medical cosmetology or the services/procedures/charges and some more details of the physical examination.

(B) Application¡J
When foreign clients need the medical services, commissioners will have to confirm the personal basic information, contact ways and help clients to fill out the application form for a reservation before the appointment, and please make it possible to finish it at least 3 days earlier before the appointment with the telephone, fax or internet reservation system.

(C) Reservation¡G
Our commissioners will arrange clients¡¦ appointment particularly according to the needs of our clients. When the clients need the physical examination, our special commissioners will suggest the appropriate individual health check. When our clients need the further medical service, we also will have some specialist to have a consultation and communicate with the clients to arrange the next steps.