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A letter of thanks from abroad

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Edited by WeiWei Chou

An Indonesian couple, Dewi&Johanes, who have been married for nine years but the wife never got pregnant due to the fallopian tube obstruction issue. They could not accept the artificial reproductive surgery because both of them are Catholic. Hence, Dewi can only choose fallopian tube recanalization instead which she had already done for two times. The 1st surgery was 3 years ago in Indonesia and the 2nd time was last July (2013) in Malaysia. However, the couple was very disappointed at the failures of both surgeries.

They kept the faith in Lord with prayer and non-stop going to Mass even during receiving the medical treatment in Malaysia last July. At the same time, they met a Malaysian Priest who also kept praying for them to have a baby. Afterwards, the Priest met Sister Arlene (a family physician of CTH) and found she is one of the key members from CTH’s Natural Reproduction Team which is the first pioneer of Asia Region. Lord heard the prayers and opened up a door for the couple; undoubtedly, that was such good grace for them.

After a month consultation with CTH’s team through email, Dewi and Johanes decided to visit Taiwan and received medical treatment of natural reproduction. Original plan for them was a 4-daysmedical treatment; however, they ended up to stay in Taiwan for 2 weeks by accident with God’s extra grace. Due to this special plan of God, they realized staying in hospital could be a happiness experience and receiving medical treatment could actually be kind of enjoyment.

Preoperative examination was not 100% like what we expected; therefore, we had to extend the scheduled date of surgery. Besides, due to the previous two failed surgeries that had increased the level of difficulty for this surgery. After over four hours operating time by Dr. Chang, the successful pregnancy rates changed from 0% to 75%. The hospital also made special arrangement for the couple to do a whole body health checks and the result accidentally found there was a 3-cm lump on left breast of the wife. We luckily did the breast biopsy for her and successfully removed the lump.

During the period of hospitalization and recovery treatment, they experienced the unprecedented cordial caring and professional medical treatments ever. Even they can only communicate with all the staffs of CTH by English; they still enjoyed the comfortable living environment and received happiness medical treatments. We also do provide daily living translation, the surrounding district navigation, integrated transportation information, the nearest hotel accommodation arrangement, and the return ticket booking service plus airport transfer matters. The most convenient thing for them is our daily Mass of hospital chapel. That is not only allowing them to get comfortable recovery physically but also leaving them to keep close with God spiritually.

(The following is the original letter of thanks from them~~)
From: Johanes Rindang K
To: Phoebe Chou
Sent: Tuesday, February 11, 2014 2:10 PM
Subject: Re: Request Flight booking for Johanes and Dewi

Hi Phoebe,

Dewi is still recovering from the surgery. Thank you for all your help and here is our gratitude letter:

We would like to express a huge thank you to Sister Arlene, Sister Mary Lou, Dr. Chang, Dr. White and Obgyn Team. Also, we would like to gratitude to all the Nurses in 6th Floor, Pastor, Admin Support Team and Wei wei in particular. Everyone has been remarkably polite and helpful. We are so very appreciative to have such intelligent, caring professional available to help my dearly loved wife.

I do apologize for having to call and ask the nurses and doctors so many questions for the same situation but my spouse feels especially comfortable with CTH teams and has complete confidence in their knowledge, care, and guidance.

Thank you very Much,

Johanes and Dewi

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