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Dr. Chih-Hao Chen

Current Position

Attending physician ; Clinical Neurologist


Medical College of National Taiwan University (1990-1996)

Clinical Experience

Residency of Internal Medicine of Taipei Municipal (Zei-Ai)Hospital. (1997-1998)
2. Residency of Department of Neurology of National Taiwan Univeristy Hospital. (1998-2001)
3.Liscensed Neurologist Board of Clinical Neurology (since 2000- ).
4.Attending Physician and Clinical Nuerologist at CArdinal Tien hospital since 2001.
5. Fellowship of Acute Stroke Intervention Therapy of Department of Radiology of National Taiwan University Hopsitial. (since 2017-)

Specialized In

General Neurology
headache syndrome, dizziness/vertigo syndrome, diagnosis of pain syndrome, neuralgia (sciatica, radicular pain, central pain), muslce pain annd spasm, gait disorder, diagnoisis of conscuiousness change, neurotic disorder, insomnia, anxiety disorder and milder psychiatrical disorder.

Specific Neurological Disorder:
Cerebral Vascular Disease (ischemic stroke, acute intervention therapy), Degenerative disease such as dementia and parkinsonism, Peripheral Neuropathy, Muscle atrophy, and Motor Neuron Disease, Immunomediated neurological disorder.

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